Heidelberg issue - possibility air flow related

Hey y’all,

After moving my press across town and scrubbing a small creep of rust off it, as well as generally washing and oiling it down, I tried to print a small run of 65 cards.

Every other sheet or so the sheet would be picked up by the gripper and then, somehow, flung against the back of the press, sometimes up into the ink drum, and sometimes downwards.

Does this sounds particularly familiar? One concern is that there is dirt in the air lines somewhere. If so, would it be advisable to find a single point of entry to disconnect a hose and blow with an air tank through the system? Is there a standard procedure for such an action?

Thanks. I appreciate all the help y’all have given me in the past. Trying to keep this press healthy despite not knowing very much about it.

Whlle on the subject, what oil do y’all use? We have the DTE heavy circulating oil from Mobil, but do you use lighter oils for different parts? Thanks!

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others will chime in that know the press better than me
however, I say slow the press down and see if your grippers are indeed closing on the paper, sounds like it’s either whipping it too hard and its coming out of the gripper or there’s something causing the gripper to not completely hold onto the sheet.

Dan is on the right track… I’d stop the press when the grippers just pull the paper (what kind?) away from the suckers and see if they have a good grip.

Also, does it happen with the feed standards in any location? (set for guides, or centered, etc.)

Thanks for the input.

The paper was a thick cotton rag with ragged edges, so possibly that had something to do with it?

It was centered in this case.

Whipping too hard - would that be solved by slowing down?