Mystery Item

Can someone please tell me what these are for? They have a copper body.

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This is a Warnock sectional register hook, part of a modular base system for mounting cuts; you can find ads for them appearing in The Printing Art magazine, ca. 1910.

Thank you!

I have some of these in different sizes in storage and thought they were from Challenge, to fit the Challenge sectional base units. The only Warnock brand items I’ve seen are the diagonal groove base and the non-slip wedge quoins.

We have a quantity of these in a box from an old shop, hand-labelled “Warnock hooks & base.” The base blocks might very well be from Challenge, and hand-labelling is surely suspect, but the mechanism of these narrow brass-bound hooks (all unmarked) is identical to the drop-in hooks advertised by Warnock for their diagonal block, and seem different than the Challenge & Rouse hooks we’ve had (and see advertised in the same 1910 issues of The Printing Art).

These appear in my Warnock catalog under the Sterling small sectional system as 4 x 8 Aluminum Shell Register Hooks for use where type must be used with unmounted plates or wood mounted plates or electrotypes must be used with unmounted plates.


What year is this Warnock catalog? If Sterling is mentioned it must be after PMC absorbed them?
All the Warnock diagonal groove material I have is in large square blocks using little spring loaded pins to register blocks one to another. These were all made under PMC.
I’ve also worked on a Heidleberg KSBZ that had a Warnock system rotary cylinder, so the bigger picture is of interest.

Parallel Imp, take a look at the Warner-Towner ad for the Sectional Block System in The American Printer and Lithographer, Volume 45 from 1907, pp 469-470; it’s available among the scanned Google books. This hook is identified as a 4x8 Register Hook that “can be used with any standard point-based sectional base system.”

I’m unable to get a snapshot of the page, but can send you the lengthy link if you like.

Following up on Rick Allen’s reference…

Here’s a link to a PDF of the two-page ad, extracted from the Google scan. It’s in temporary space, so grab it now if you want it:

If I’m lucky, attached to this post will be an image of the 4x8 Register Hook by itself (extracted from the second page of this ad).

To nail down the citation a bit more securely, this is actually from The American Printer. (They didn’t become the A P and Lithographer until later, but Google lists them as such because the Univ. of Michigan catalog lists them as such - and this scan is from a UM copy.) Vol. 45, No. 4 (December, 1907). The Google Books online reader gives the pages as 469-470, but this isn’t quite right. This is an unpaginated insert which appears between pages 470 and 471.

David M.

image: apwarnock2-4x8small.jpg


I cannot find any date listed for the catalog. It has the traditional PMC Warnock diagonal groove system in one section, the Sterling small sectional system(where this hook appears), Sterling toggle hook and base system (honey comb), Sterling expansion aluminum alloy book block system, and finally the PMC aluminum alloy make up furniture and carton die furniture section all held in an orange folder named Metal Plate Mounting Bases by The Printers Machinery Company Cincinnati Oh. All sections and pages marked as printed by PMC.