Rust-Oleum on a Heidelberg Platen?

Large sections of black paint are flaking off of my press. Should I just peel the paint off and leave it be, or apply something like black rust-oleum to it?


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Chances are that your press was re-painted at some point, and wasn’t properly degreased. The added paint looked good applied, but had no surface with which the paint could adhere. causing the flaking at a later date. I had a large old cylinder Miehle to which this had been done, unfortunately with a nasty industrial light green color. When I got the press I spent several days with a putty knife and a wire brush, and scraped off anything that could fall into the machinery. Some of it adhered well, but a great deal of it came off. It made the press look camouflaged. If you want to touch up the paint, make sure you take off any paint that is loose, if bare metal is exposed you will need to prime with a quality primer designed for cast iron. Rough any surface with Scotch-Brite before painting or re-painting to give the surface some tooth. A good oil enamel is the best for finish coats, but be careful, one company’s primer might not be compatible with another company’s paint.