Chandler and Price Letterpress 46 Pulley.

I am working with a small shop in the St Louis area to finish restoring a large 1920 Chandler and Price Letterpress; it is very similar to a Kluge. The flywheel on the right side, a 46 tight pulley (or perhaps a 46 ½ loose pulley) has a crack and needs to be replaced.
Any advice or help would be appreciated.
Please forgive me if I am doing this wrong, I am new to this site but have been printmaking for over 30 years. I did not think that a classified was appropriate because I am looking for a part instead of selling anything.
Thanks, Bob

image: 46 pulley.jpg

46 pulley.jpg

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Bob,I may have what your looking for. Are you talking about the pulley shown in your pic? If so I’ll measure and photo the one I have. It may take a couple days as it’s in my storage unit. If it’s what you need we’ll figure the rest out.

Great, this one is 22” in diameter.

Press certainly has all the appearance of a Kluge. Guard over gear showing attached small guard over small gear. Vertical rods running op to feeder arm control. Sidearms are certainly large as Kluge not at all like C&P.