Heidelberg Windmill side guide problems

Hello, does anyone know how to adjust the sheet feed arm timing?
My problem is that the side guide is coming up to early and popping the sheet out instead of guiding it like it should and has in the past.
So is there a way to speed up/delay guide? or
Is there a way to adjust the windmill arms so that they speed up and don’t drag on the guide tab as it comes up to early?
Thank you for any help!

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Does the sidelay contact both grippers?
Is the sidelay in far right position?

I’d check if all the linkage parts from the rotating cam to the sidelay are in good order: not binding, nor bent, partially fastened, obstructed, etc. The laybar and sidelay should move freely by moving the spindle while disengaged (rock the chrome knurled knob by the flywheel).

The chrome bolt (T0222) on the sidelay can loosen itself if not regularly lubricated. The oil port regularly fills with paper dust and can be plugged or missed altogether.

The sidelay and adjusting knob can also loosen if the setscrew is not snug.

image: IMG_9347-sm.JPG


AnonyMouse, yes to both questions.
The side guide could be hanging up if in far right position on micro, but this has never been an issue in past, the previous setting when working perfectly had never hung up on windmill arm in past if in the far right position, even in far left position side guide is still coming up way to early on cam or arm needs speeding up on timing (if possible).
All the components of side guide shaft are functioning smoothly and are well lubricated, spring back spring has good tension to return guide down, no recent chase explosions of wood causing shaft to bend nor foil rod bending anything, all parts on side guide are tightened and not binding or to loose.
I believe the day shift on the press caused the problem, I have spoken to the person and he didn’t admit anything or know the cause of problem when it occured so I’m stumped????

I’d more likely suspect an issue with the sidelay operation than gripper timing. Gripper timing might also show issues with pickup at the sucker bar, or grippers smashing against the chase when the press closes. Gripper mis-timing is possible, but I’d verify the sidelay first.

When the laybar is manually rocked (while disengaged) to the raised position, the sidelay can also be independently rocked to observe if it is moving freely and fully retracting below the plane of the platen.

Since the sidelay contacts both grippers, it is not likely the grippers are both too close to the platen, but it is easy enough to check.


The guide does move freely, I have been operating the press for many many years and I don’t see a problem with guide being hung up or gummed up, I’ve seen a bent shaft repair and this is not that. The guide does come up and drags on both arms so I do believe you’re right in that the arms cannot be out of timing, so it must be the guide cam that has slipped possibly?

Here is a video of problem I put on youtube.

The possibility of gripper mis-timing still exists, but I’d rule out the easy stuff first.

I might grab the sidelay cam on the spindle and see if has any wiggle at all. If it has twisted on the spindle toward the operator, the sidelay will rise earlier. I’d look for any marks on the gripper driveshaft from collision. (see pic) It is not likely that the sidelay arm is bent, as it is a casting.

I’d watch the lower lays and see if they seem similarly advanced. If so, the linkages near the flywheel and primary cam deserve closer examination.

image: This sidelay cam has the corner broken off from a collision with the driveshaft. Note the gouge in the driveshaft.

This sidelay cam has the corner broken off from a collision with the driveshaft. Note the gouge in the driveshaft.

I think we’re onto something, I do have ware on the shaft.
Watch video.

image: cam1.jpg


image: fly.jpg


I think the marks on the gripper driveshaft are from the spindle not properly retracting when the press opens. The corner of the cam T0228 scrapes against it. I cannot tell from the picture of the lever T0219 (cam1.jpg) if that has any wear marks.

While the lever is off the machine, I’d grab that cam T0228 (with the clipped corner) and see if it can be moved while the spindle is engaged for lay operation. If so, the taper pin may have sheared.

The cam (clipped corner) is solid as a rock and the pin doesn’t look sheared at all. I didn’t realize it was pinned in place, thought it was a set screw, this makes it much more complicated to move back into place if it never did slip…
Both side cam and clipped corner cam are solid and have no budge at all.
Tell me more about “the linkages near the flywheel and primary cam deserve closer examination” ???
Do you have any advice on where to look next?

(going from memory…)
The lay system is driven by a spring, cam and rocker next to the flywheel. When the lays are engaged, the cam keeps the lays retracted until the follower reaches the low spot.

All these parts are beefy, but have been in service for decades, and something is loose, damaged or mis-aligned. The marks on the gripper driveshaft are suspicious, so I’d continue to focus on the lay-gauge system (before moving to gripper drive).

I was by a couple of machines today… there is a grubscrew on the lay spindle by the engagement knob. I can only presume it could be used to adjust the angle of rotation for the sidelay cam.

There is also a taper pin, so I can’t say for certain the grubscrew is the total solution.

image: IMG_9348-sm.JPG



image: unnamed.jpg


The cam with dissengauge knob had slipped, you can see set screw mark on shaft in above pic.
Thank you so very much AnonyMouse!!!
God bless you.

Cheers, looks like you’re on the right track!

But, I don’t think the mark on the shaft that you can see is the proper fastening place. The parts on the end of the shaft should only be a few thou from each other when the screw is tight. I can get you a clearance measurement in a day or so.


That would be great!
I have positioned setscrew directly beside that mark on shaft and put some “factory setting paint” on shaft and cam to see if it moves again.
The position I set in in is flawless!! The guide comes up in perfect timing when the arm passes over and could not be any better in my opinion.
Sure could use those specs if you can get them, thanks!

Set screw tightened in place and marked off, end of shaft position looks close.

image: unnamed (1).jpg

unnamed (1).jpg

image: unnamed.jpg


Congratz on getting it sorted!

I measured the gap by disengaging the lays and getting a feeler gauge in-between the end collar and the lever with the oil port. It was .010” with the lever pushed to the right, against the part with the knurled knob. So, that is the total for both gaps on either side of the lever with the oil port (5 thou each).

Carry on…


Thank you!