Sign Press with large press bed

SOLD! thank you Briar Press!

Vintage Sign Press/ Proof Press by Reynolds
Printasign Duplicator Model #40
Bed size is 23” x 30”
Cylinder & Pressure gauge, very easy to use/maintain. I don’t know if it was meant to be an inker or not. The carriage at the back of the cylinder would seem to imply it, though.
Comes with a set of 2” Polymer/wood type. These also work with letterpress and are type high.
Originally used in an I. Magnin store that did their own print adds and signs, in house.
Press fits into a custom built metal table, and this goes with the press.
Located in Berkeley, CA. Must pick up locally or arrange with press moving company or other heavy machinery type movers. (I have heard good things about
-Great for teaching purposes and small businesses.
-Perfect for making posters and signs.
It is listed on EBAY and here is the link which has a few more pictures:

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image: press1_20.jpg


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