LatLon Notebooks: high quality letterpressed notebooks built using geo open data

My name is Aitor García and I’m a big fan of the letterpress printing techinique. Recently I’ve joined forces with Brian
Suda ( to create Analog (, a small group focused on all things analog and how they interact with the digital space.

I’m contacting you because a few weeks ago we launched our first project: LatLon Islands, A beautiful series of high quality letterpressed notebooks based on Islands around the world and built using geographical opendata.

We’re printing them with the fine folks at Given the nature of the project, I thought many people in this community could be interested on the project and I’m posting this message to let you know about it. Of course if you have any question about the project just let me know.

Thank you very much everybody for your time… and have a great Easter!

image: 0ecf3a9f584aeff0931e5b1105acda7b_large.jpg


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VERY interesting! I love the whole concept and all of its component parts! Thank you for sharing it with us!