Heidelberg Platen 10x15 belt tension

Hi all- Just swapped motors and mounts on my 10x15 redball from 3 phase to single phase. Need a bit of advice on the best way to position the motor.

I’m guessing I should turn the speed control clockwise until I hit the stop which puts the belt at the position of least tension. From there slide the motor back until the belt rides far enough into the adjustable pulley on the motor to maintain tension and not come flying off. The question is how far down into that pulley do I need to set the vbelt at the position of least tension? I’m guessing a good amount as the spring on the adjustable pulley will need to offer some resistance to expansion so the belt doesn’t slip.


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I think your methodology is right. Adjust as you suggest and run a trial. I can remember some windmills that ran much too fast. I was taught to average in a day of 2000iph., so when I added my times up sometimes I would really slow the press down. In your situation, too slow you will probably smell the belt, too fast is obvious and not good for wear and tear. Watch when the press cuts out out. Does the machine slip for half a cycle before it dead stops. if it does - too fast.

i have a copy of the manual if you need it - explains what u need