Rescued fron a Junk Shop!

A few week-ends ago I was rummaging around in a junk shop in Pensacola FL, when I came upon a Kelsey 3x5…. for $30! Needless to say, I bought it.

image: kelsey2b.jpg


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That’s a sweet deal, now you can chrome it and sell it on eBay for $1200! ;)

Looks to be in awesome condition, and its good to hear that it goes to the good cause of spreading the bug to new patients. :) A while back I got a small press off eBay (at the nice price of $50, plus 7 for shipping) for that very purpose.

Thanks Kimaboe!

I pondered the chrome idea for a few seconds…. but decided against it. When i was in high-school we played football against a Military Academy who had chrome helmets….. and those Junior Marines kicked our butts 56-6.

Since I was the inside linebacker on our team, all I got to see for the entire game was this wall of chrome-headed, thick-necked monstrocities of linemen and fullbacks headed my way….. intending to run over me like a herd of wildebeasts. On every play I stood my ground like a good linebacker should….. and each time the result was the same: I got run over by the chrome-heads.

Our offense didn’t fare any better. The only touchdown we scored was due to the other team fumbling and not realizing they’d fumbled until Roger picked the ball up and ran five yards to the goal. Of course at the very instant he crossed the line, he was clobbered by eleven Junior Commandos all at once ….. and had to be carted off on a stretcher. It was a VERY long game for me…. and the bus ride home was even worse.

Ever since then, I’ve been Chrome-a-phobic. it scarred me for life, I think.

what does any of that have to do with printing? I have no clue….

Awesome find! Adding “junk shops” to my list of hunting grounds!

Add yard sales to your list, we always check them out, you never know. A couple of years ago my wife bought what she thought was a table top press missing some parts, it turned out to be a Young American Press, made about 1870, she paid $5.00 for it.