What is the best way to determine if you need new rollers?

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You rollers should be slightly (maybe 2 - 3 points) larger in diameter than the trucks that ride along the rails.

Worth saying that it is also important that the rails be at or built up to the right height.

Clearly, if the rollers are pitted or cut up they should be replaced.

If they look smaller at the center.
With time and uv light, they will shrink at the center and swell at the edges.

One of the rollers has developed a cut or slice near the outside edge. Fortunately it is not near the imaging area so I think I can eek out a few more projects. I’ve been drooling over new rollers on e-bay w/ shiny new trucks so I guess I’m looking for an excuse to justify the investment.
Thanks for the tips!


No need to buy new shiny trucks.
Your trucks can be cleaned and made shiny again!

Contact: Ramco Rollers, San Dimas, California, when considering having your rollers redone.

Tom & Terri
T & T Press Restoration

Worked my composition rollers until they swelled up so much they started sticking to one-another in the carriage, so that one of them finally tore. Managed to finish the job double inking with the remaining roller.

Vinyl rollers revert to stinky primordial goo when they die.

I think the rubber ones just go hard and wrinkly.

Rollers are like struts on your car. You don’t realize you need them until you replace them and then think why did I wait so long.