Pratt 2 Ton Hot Platen Rubber Stamp Press

I have a Pratt hot platen rubber stamp press for sale along with some letterpress supplies. I know nothing about letterpress other then my aunt loved to hand make every Birthday card and invitation for our family and i would like to see this stuff go to someone who would make good use out of it. I will place a second add for the metal type and “furniture” and things. This add will be for the press. I saw one on ebay for $500.00 but i would be happy to let it go for $50 or $100 but you would need to pay the shipping from Albuquerque, NM make an offer im sure we can work something out. Thank you
Specification Description
Maximum Temperature 550°F
Pressure 2 Tons
Platen Size 5” x 8-1/4”
Electrics 115 Volt, 1 Phase
Weight 54 Lbs.

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image: DSCN1526.JPG