Craftsman 5x8 ratchet/pawl not catching


I’m attempting to help someone set up their Craftsman 5x8, and I’m running into a problem with the ratchet and pawl flopping loose when I cycle the press. I feel that we must be missing a part. I’m attaching photos in the hope that they can describe what’s happening better than I can in words, but basically the part is just losing contact with the stop in the frame and flopping loose. I’ve tried adding a washer and tightening the bolt, but that makes no difference.
Any ideas?

image: 8266.JPG


image: 8268.JPG


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I’ve not used this press, but have found most ink tables go around clockwise. Doesn’t look like this set up is capable of that. Maybe it is installed upside down/wrong way ‘round?

How about a missing hair spring, on the lower end of the arm/ pawl that actually rotates the disc, The mechanism would appear to be correct for orientation in the fist picture, (8266) there would seem to be no other logical configuration for it to work and be activated…possibly try, In slow motion, rotate by hand, and observe the *ramps* on the disc, >looks like eight in total< should give away the actuation.???? . . Observations from afar.!! Apologies and Good Luck.

Top photo is correct, be sure the bushing is in the hole occupied by the screw. If the bushing is missing the mechanism will indeed flop around.


5 X 8 Craftsmen ink disc advance mechanism photo


image: Pawl.jpg


With respect, the mechanism contained by the cheese head bolt in the top picture, has no need or requirement to be in any position other than the one pictured, it surely has only to describe an ARC of less than 10% to work.??
Perhaps the *experts* could publish a clear picture, in close up of the Modus Operandi ? Perhaps a re-evaluation would establish something as simple as a missing Hair Spring!!!
Table top Adana,s in all sizes, 5 x 3, / H.S.2=6 x 4,/ 8 x 5 & H.S.3, = 1/2” bigger than 8 x 5 in both directions.!!!
The finger(s) that rotates the Disc(s), are carried on an assembly very similar, in every case, to the one in question, in the course of production variations, the finger has either been carried, with an in-built bob weight/counter balance, or a hair spring, as my suggestion!! but this only when an aftermarket finger has been supplied, but one advantage, *the finger* is manufactured in aluminium, but double ended, to turn over, >180 degrees *sacrificial* rather than the Pawls on the disc?< if ever badly worn.

There are 2 “stop” pins which are cast as part of the lever, which limit the movement the lever and pawl. They are located on backside of the part you photographed as part of your query. If that top pin were missing or sheared-off, I can see where the pawl assembly would rotate downward when the hand lever was pulled to it’s lowest or closed position… as in the 2nd photo you posted.

If this is the problem, a machinist could fabricate and weld / screw-in a pin where needed, or…

You could check with Craftsman to see if a replacement part is still available.
Last info I had for them was:
Sherwin Marks
Craftsmen Machinery
[email protected]

I made an attempt to contact you off-list so that I could send detailed photos but have recd no reply. Unfortunately, I do not know how to re-size my existing photos to post on BP.

Butch, /Clare, that would make sense, i.e. to keep the lever at around the 12 o,clock position rather than flopping at 6 o,clock., apologies for my humble efforts, but if the question is answered satisfactorily, good news!!!

Thank you for your responses everyone.

Butch was indeed correct - it is missing a stop pin that limits the movement of the lever and pawl.

You can see in this picture there’s one pin on the bottom still in place, and there should be another one on the top where there’s a small indent. It looks as if it has been sheared off. Looks like I’ll be taking it to a machinist to see if I can get something brazed on.


image: 8270.JPG


Good catch Butch…