Triplex business cards

I have a client who wants triplex business cards. I’m newer to the land of letterpress, but from what I understand, I would print the top and bottom layers, then have these press laminated with the middle sheet. I’d appreciate any tips for triplexing and/or sources used for the laminating. Thank you!

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Print the top and backside, if it is a small run, roll up with a Foam roller and PVA, run the Adhesive thin, squezze the roller before rolling, line up, stack, and put under pressure.

if you run the cards with enough trim all around, and maintain the same edge for registration, you should be right on the mark, trim and deliver.

I do this all the time.


typenut- can you elaborate on your process- when you say foam roller are you talking about foam paint rollers you get at the hardware store. And can you tell me what type of adhesive you are using and where to purchase

The Foam rollers are bought in the hardware store, you want a fine foam, there a different ones, I use a metal roller tray and drop inexpensive one time use roller trays into it.
Sometimes it helps to roll the roller out on a glassplate.
I use a PVA which is specific for Bookbinding and is water soluble and heat seal able, R 896A by Wisdom Adhesives.

where can I buy this R 896A by Wisdom Adhesives?