Davy Chao, printer 

Olive Leaf Press

Letter press printing services, numbering, perforating, scoring and imprinting.

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Some time to use one roller for inking is better then multi-
rollers, especially when you doing numbering.

The numbering machines should be cleaned and oiled after each job with thin oil.

When you doing letterpress, always use less ink for inking your plate, even when you printing solid reverse printing, but you can double in-print your image if you have perfect registration.

With letterpress, you can do so many things beside doing
printing, you can die-cutting, numbering, perforating, scoring,
foil stamp and embossing.

Letterpress printing now is different from letterpress in old
time. People now just doing letterpress as punching harder
as it can be with less ink, so you can feel a relief texture.
Honestly, these kind of end product that could be ended in
the trash in old time. I am regretted that I did not do it thirty
years ago. That time letterpress man tried to make less
impression as it could, so there is no relief feel. What a
waste of time.

What is going on letterpress?