C&P Pilot NS gripper bar spring issue

I’m new to this craft and I recently purchased a C&P Pilot NS and I have a couple questions I hope somebody can answer for me.

First, I found that the gripper bar spring has, over time, worn very much through the upper part of the iron eyelet guide (that comes up off of the left feed table bracket), so much so that the iron at the top of the eyelet is now paper thin, and i’m afraid the spring could wear through completely very soon. Does anyone have any advice on what to do about this? I don’t know if i could solder in some material to fill in the worn area or something like that…

Second, I printed on a friend’s Old Style recently, and on his, the lever would stay down, with the rollers on the ink disc, without holding it down at all. On mine, if I let go of the lever when it is down all the way, it will fling back up violently. Can someone tell me what is normal here?

many thanks for any info,

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Ross -

I, too, have a NS Pilot, and mine operates similarly to yours — heaven help you and hold onto your hat if you let go of the handle prematurely!

jdinisco -

thanks for your reply - good to know i’m not the only one… i’m not sure it matters much as far as functionality goes.

I have a NS Pilot and the arm stays down. Check your packing to ensure its not to much to make it not want to stay down.

Updated. I also have a NS, and the handle doesn’t stay down. And even when the platen is backed WAY off. The OS Pilot at Letterpress Things stays down though. Any theories?

Ross—I’ve gotten pretty good at holding the handle down in the crook of my arm while I’m adjusting the platen and all that. It just takes practice.


Hi, I’m also new at this.

I found while cleaning my Pilot NS that if I hang the bottle of spray cleaner on the handle it stays down nicely.

Because of the leverage from the long handle it only takes something weighing a couple of pounds with a hook on it to keep the handle down for adjustments etc.

Mike D