Which tabletop press is best for a small invitation business?

I have an opportunity to purchase either a Golding No.3 or Craftmen Superior. If you have experience on either of these and have an opinion on the quality produced by them please pass it on. Also is it difficult to find parts for either of these? I am open to other suggestions for good quality tabletops. Will a tabletop produce a quality product?

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You would be very limited with a table top press. You can only print small areas well as there is just not enough pressure for a large area. If you were looking for any impression in the paper with anything bigger than say 3.5x5 (assuming this is a large tabletop) you’d have a pretty impossible time and likely end up with some blisters on your hand! Tabletop presses are really more fore hobby than business in my opinion. Good luck

Thanks, I think I will hold out for a larger press. Any suggestions?

You can get by getting a Chandler & Price Pilot Press to start a small business. The Pilot Press is the best table top press you can purchase.

I have read that the Craftmen Superior is based on the C&P Pilot. Anyone have any experience on the Craftsmen? Would like a Pilot but haven’t seen any on the market lately. Many thanks for all advice.

It’s my understanding that the Craftsman is a bit of a junker. I would find the space for a larger platen floor press (you don’t need much) and forget about a tabletop. Just my two cents…

Thanks so much for all the great advice! I am going to hold out for the floor press. Is a Pearl large enough or do I need to look for a C&P?

I had a Craftsman Press and I think is one one the best table top presses ever made. You could print halftones on this press if everything is set properly. Of course, table top presses like all presses have certain limitations. One of the main problems with small presses is that they do not have enough “impressional strength” if you are printing a large form. Inking can be another problem, etc. I consider table top presses semi-professional…excellent for hobby. If you are going into business and want to have more capabilities, I recommend that you find a good new series C&P 10x15. Old series presses can work out well, and cost less, but they are much older. I think that it is a better investment in a new series press. Good luck and if you need any help with letterpress problems, email me, I am glad to help.