Embossing on Heidelberg SBG

We are a commercial print shop and have a 1960 Heidelberg SBG we are using for die cutting and scoring. We would like to try embossing on it. Does anyone have any words of wisdom or know what would be required? Thank you

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Opening shots,!! but only conjecture and speculation, NOT FACTS?? Embossing on a cylinder (any) would seem to be the least desireable option, I.E. the female would have to be base mounted on the bed, the counter die would of necessity have to be wrapped around the cylinder, and one would assume any/every alteration to the packing, (under the counter die) would have the effect of, (at the periphery) putting the counter die, even in small increments, out of sync/register with the female, you would seem to be restricted to Photyopolymer for wrap around, a little forgiving maybe!!
Parallel Approach PLATEN would possibly be seen to be the best option, i.e. because of the approach being exactly that, packing altered ad infinitum with the die & counter die in sync. throughout .???
Clamshell platen, second best option, but with the *well documented* vagaries of even impression, top to bottom havung to be taken into consideration.???
The fore going not helpful if the Cylinder is the ONLY available option, but will hopefully prompt constructive replies, my efforts are only conjecture My expertise (probably) ends witht the last *e* in Monotype??
Good Luck.