Paper Information

There is an on-line source about paper that I find interesting, especially its promotion of letterpress. It is free to sign up for this and there are links and videos all related to paper and printing in the postings. See:

The current one that arrived today talks about letterpress paper and a discussion of P-22’s 20th anniversary promotional piece that looks interesting. The site originates in Palo Alto, Calif. and seems to have the solid support of the paper industry.

And changes in the paper industry marketing continue with both Xpedx and Unisource about to disappear into a combined name of Veritiv, a new mumbo-jumbo name we’ll have to learn to deal with. Xpedx was bad enough, now this one. The good old companies we used to rely on are long gone, like Nationwide, Blake, Moffit and Towne, Zellerbach (and Crown Zellerbach, who put me through college), Carpenter, etc. As the paper industry shrinks along with printing, these are things that will continue to happen.


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