48pt Castellar casting

Morning / afternoon / whatever time it is where you are, all.

We’re going to be casting founts of 48pt Castellar in the next couple of weeks. Since it’s upper case only, the quarter fount proportions (10A 4B 6C etc) will probably be around £175. For the smaller printer, we can do a ‘Drop cap’ fount for about £75 (prices TBC when we’ve done a trial casting)

Quarter fount (upper case only)
10A 4B 6C 6D 16E 4F 4G 8H 10I 4J 4K 6L 6M 10N 10O 4P 4Q 8R 10S 12T 6U 4V 4W 4X 4Y 4Z

‘Drop cap’ fount
3A 2B 3C 3D 3E 2F 2G 2G 3I 2J 2K 2L 2M 3N 2O 2P 2Q 3R 3S 2T 2U 2V 2W 2X 2Y 1Z

Drop us a line if you’re interested - [email protected], as ever.

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