Gutenberg Bible type

I was very honored to spent a week working with Rainer Gerstenberg at his foundry in Darmstadt (Germany). While I was there, the 24 pt Gutenberg Bible fount that had been cast prior to my arrival – and has been made in close collaboration with the Gutenberg museum in Mainz – was packed and prepared for shipping. Some extra founts were cast and sit on the shelves, ready to be dispatched. I just wanted to share some of the photos that I took. More photos, taken over a period of five days, showing the casting of Sabon, Swabacher, Leichte Helvetica etc. will soon be posted on Flickr.

image: Gutenberg_Bibelschrift_2.JPG


image: Gutenberg_Bibelschrift.JPG


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Is this Bible type available for purchase at this time?

If so, can you kindly send me details as to whom to contact, and the estimated costs.

Thanks much!

Hi Edward,

it is available for purchase. You can contact me via [email protected]

Best: Lars