Gans ink…

Has anyone used Gans ink before? How does it compare to van son?

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Gans sells other folks inks. I suspect Van Son as well. They do alter in some cases, mainly adding dryer from what I’ve seen. Best thing, they pack with Tootsie Rolls. So if the UPS guy is hanging around a bit too long, you know why.


When did Ganns stop making their ink? I used to buy lots of it in the ’80s and they manufactured it then.

Gans has a manufacturing facility here in Salt Lake City where they do indeed make ink - they’ve given tours to numerous design and letterpress/book arts classes. Their polyacrylic inks are very popular with local printers. We use Gans inks almost exclusively (and clean up with their Nature Wash) at the Book Arts Program at the University of Utah.

Thanks for the feedback. There is a location here in San Antonio. I’m going to stop in today. I’ll let you know. I have not heard of poly acrylic ink before.

I’ve been using Gans rubber based ink this past year and have liked it quite a bit. The specs on the rubber base ink lists the tack rating up around 19 where Van Son is down around 13. I was back and forth about it but went ahead and had them reduce the tack by 2 to 3 points. They do it for you for no additional charge.

The colors are true (mixing to the Pantone formula guide) and the ink performs well on the platen press. Ganz customer service (I’ve worked with the Kent, WA location) is pretty great too.