Is it me… or do prints look better after they’ve been drying out awhile?

I’ve noticed this almost everytime I print.

For some reason, right after completing a print run, my prints look decent, but there’s something about the ink that makes it look not “crisp”.

However, after leaving it to dry for a day or two, the prints always seem to look much better.

Is it possible that the drying of ink somehow changes the way the print looks? Has anyone encountered this?

Or perhaps my mind getting too fatigued from staring at every single detail while printing….

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When I first start printing, the job always looks great. By the time I finish, it looks horrible; the longer the run, the worse it looks. I end up questioning why I bother to print when my efforts are so bad. When I come back the next day, the job has been transformed; it’s beautiful and I’m happy. That said, I’m never completely satisfied and would always like a do-over.

Maybe it is because after a day or two the ink is fully dried, hence the prints look better in your eyes.

H Hale:
Haha I think I know exactly what you are talking about.

Yes I am thinking this might be a factor. I’ll try taking some photos. Right after print, and 2 days later…