Selling: Monotype Technical Bulletins No.18 thru No.87 with a few gaps. Includes No.28 July 1956, Opening of new Monotype School in London. I also have some Newsletters, Monotype Recorders, a Monotype in Australia publication, a fold-out brochure from 1963 published by and promoting Filmset Ltd in Crawley, Sussex. Parts list for Super and Composition Casters, a nozzle cleaning drills spec. sheet and various type font publications published by The Monotype Corp. In addition I have The Monotype Super Caster Manual, 1953; The Monotype Casting Machine Manual; a Monotype Keyboard Adjustment Book; Keyboard Manual and two copies of the Monotype Book of Information. In my collection I also have a small publication titled A Pocket-Book of Monotype Machines and a promotions item Marvels of Modern Punch-cutting which came with a piece of type, about 1 em square, cast with The Lord’s Prayer to illustrate the level of intricacy that Monotype could achieve with their punches. Finally I have a publication entitled The Operative and His Composition Mould which was very useful when learning how to service these moulds. All this is from my personal collection gathered when I was working with Monotype Keyboards and Casters many years ago. If anyone is interested please contact me, but be aware I am located in British Columbia, Canada. Photos and/or more info on request.

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