Do you know this Font?

These photos are pretty bad but I’m hoping someone will recognize this font. I bought it in one of those ebay bag sales so there is a bit of damage. The background is thin vertical lines and the pinmark is a small cross. Hopefully I’ll manage to print it someday and see if it is useable.
Thank you, Diane

image: FontCaps.jpg


image: FontPinmark3.jpg


image: FontLC.jpg


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It appears to have a Farmer pin-mark and the face may be Black Rayed Ornamented. It appears to have only been cut in 48-point. Nice Find!
Dave Greer

Thank you Dave, that is indeed Black Rayed Ornamented. I confirmed it in the 1893 edition of A. D. Farmer & Son Co. (scanned by Google). It is amazingly complete, only missing the D and u. Of course, I could be misidentifying letters and some that I have might be too damaged to use. I’m not going to make any decisions until I have a chance to make a proof.
Thank you again, I really didn’t have an idea where to start looking.