Letterpress course in Western Australia

To help celebrate the revival of the Abbey Press at New Norica, the Monastery are now happy that we can go ahead with a three-day letterpress workshop within the newly restored Abbey Press. Dates are Tuesday 30 September to Thursday 2 October 2014. The workshop will be suitable for beginners, or those with a little experience. Equipment includes a good range of metal and wood type, borders, etc., an Adana and small proof press, an Arab treadle press and a Grafix (Vandercook lookalike) proof press. The workshop includes full board, a tour of the Monastery town, and a visit to the Library, which holds a collection of early printed books. The workshop will be taught by Claire Bolton, a printer with 40 years letterpress experience (and a research degree in early printing history).

For further details, contact Toni Tejada at [email protected]

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Good luck with the course. We need training in Australia. I’ve got a small core of printers and its a good move.