Letterpress School, Rockley, NSW Australia

We’re getting better at it.

Experience is telling us at William Amer’s Pressed Letters School of Printing that you want YOUR OWN COURSE. So we will supply you that service. [All previous advertising, anywhere is now superseded by this advert].

Pick and Choose modules in any of the following areas and we will instruct and teach you how! Subject to an Application Form and Acceptance, Deposit and your existing experience we will “deliver”! William Amer is a thoroughly experienced Commercial and Publication Printer, experienced in most areas of the Letterpress technology.

The areas/modules for your consideration are: Typesetting, hand and Ludlow machine; Proofreading; Make-up, lock-up and stone work; Production printing on table-tops, 10x15 flywheels, the Vertical press; Elementary guillotining and finishing processes; Estimating, costing and production planning for profit.

Students are accepted after the Application Process is completed to this firm’s satisfaction and is based on previous experience and competency. The application criteria is designed to maximise the learning experience and provide a grounding in the chosen modules, delivered with safety.

For further information and an Application Form contact William direct on [email protected] You may like to visit our website which will be undergoing redesign and revision shortly. www.willamer.com.au or phone Australia 02 6337 9410

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