Where to Oil this?

I read the post about a Heidelberg seizing up; in one of the replies was a comment about a green oil cap inside the flywheel.
This reminded of something that I have been wondering about.
In the pic is a green oiling location (not a cap per se) but where exactly do you oil? The pic is taken looking down and inside (base side) of the flywheel.

image: flywheel.jpg


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Maintenance Manuals, generally/apparently, do not show this one, Google H/berg info charts etc, comes up excellent post from, 4th Dec, 2008??? Briar Press.>>>**Jim Chase**, 4th. Dec, 2008, timed (05.42) <<< … On this point very precise & informative, especially the *OIL ME* quip and the “time factor” between, lubings???. Have a look.! Helpful and funny.

its not a cap but its a green bolt that you remove and oil then replace it, there are a couple of these on the windmill. I think Old Mick is right, but there is a plate mounted under the spray unit that tells you when to oil the green bolt, hadn’t oiled mine for years, I stuck a cartoon over that plate.

I oiled that spot last time it came up on Briar press. Must due for another go. Seems it was 2008!