Cropper/Minerva info.

Platen Printer, belated thanks and appreciation for Your Links in respect of the Cropper/Minerva.!!
I now comprehend why there was some unusual interest in this particular machine, i.e. It (the Cropper) had/has , apparently, connections a long way back to C. & P. The grapevine got it wrong slightly.?
But now coincidence is sometimes fortunate and favourable? on duty in our Local Museum Print Shop, (Amberley Sussex U.K.) Sun. last! resulted in an interesting, long, conversation with Cropper, owners/users from many moons ago, consequently a Gold Mine of info winging its way in my direction, S.A.P. A team of *snails*?? on standby to begin hauling the M/c. 3 miles across town, shortly.!!!
P.P. Thank You. Mick.

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