Need someone to repair Albion in Sydney

Looking for someone who can repair an Hopkinson and Cope Albion press here in Sydney.
Problems are No Pressure and the platten in fully raised and the bed is in normal but it lowers the most 3mls only.
Pressure engagement very little, arm is almost in maximum pull.
I suspect the main area is in the impression mechanism.
I am needing for someone to call me on 02 89360613 sydney
to help repair and adjust pressure

image: albion6.jpg


image: Albion2.jpg


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It sounds to me that there is little or no tension on the link that travels through the spring inside the can on the top of the frame. By turning the nut at the top of the spring inside the can clockwise it will increase tension, which will, in turn, draw-up the platen to its full height, which should give you tension on the bar (handle), and a full purchase for impression. There is a possibility that the spring itself might be damaged, and it might be necessary to look down into the can to assess its condition.