13 x 18 Windmill feeding issues

Hi Guys,

I am quite new at this and im trying to get through my first big die cutting job on my windmill. It will feed good (one sheet at a time) for maybe 2-4 sheets, and then take like 2-5 sheets at a time.

I noticed that the paper was only get picked up when the pile was quite compacted, even though the top sheet was being separated and and hitting the springs but the suckers dont pull the paper untill the paper is pushed too it.


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I think i found the problem, newbie mistake, when i saw the feed table not lifting at a certain spot i assumed it was because the paw was worn so i attached a rubber band. This however cause the feed lift table to rise too high causing the paper too compress hence why it was picking up so many sheets at once.

Noowww, how do you change the speed of the feed lift table on this machine ? Its a 1953 13x18 Original Heidelberg Windmill. I have looked at the manual but i dont have a bolt that i can change from normal to card ?? I ran the press forever and starred at the gears and mechanisms down there but could not see anyway of changing the speed.


There are two adjustments on the 10x15. I don’t know if the 13x18 is the same. One is directly to the left of the feed table and has settings from thin paper to cardboard. The other is below it next to the crank that lifts the feed table. It’s a bolt that you have to loosen and re-tighten at the setting you want.

I’d post pictures but this site doesn’t seem to want let me do it.


Either the 13x18 is different or my press has been changed in that area haha. Please see below a picture of my crank system.

image: crank.JPG


I put a couple pictures up on my website since I can’t upload them here. The first two pics are of my 10x15 and shows the adjustment sections. The third is something I found online, so it may not be of the same vintage as your press, but I highlighted the two areas that seem to show corresponding adjustment levers/bolts. Maybe it’s behind that plate on yours? The bolt looks to be in the same spot.


Hopefully someone who owns a 13x18 will chime in.

Jonsel, thanks for the reply man. Ive checked behind the press but all the bolts are just holding connecting bars in place :s yeah, im starting to get the feeling the plate was replaced and the adjustment wasnt put back or something.


Ja, it looks to be non-standard.

Here are a couple of pix (found via google) that show the GT with adjustment for table lift speed:



howdy - this looks non standard, there’s a adjustable mask on the crank to change the angle of the dangle - maybe try demers or whittenburg and see if they have it, but for now try lowering the top adjustment all the way down to cardboard and skip feeding it to get ya through. cheers. Chris

image: DSC05470.JPG


image: DSC05469.JPG


image: DSC05471.JPG


not all the heidelberg windmills have the same crank i work in several different windmills and the oldest one is very similar to the one you have,so in this case you need to regulate the feedtable from above as in the first picture leaving it aprox 10mm from the top and play with the airblow sometimes you need to close the air flow on the delivery table so that you have more blast in the feeding table.also regulate the angle of the suckers and have the laminated steel tops barely touching the edge of the sheet to prevent double feeding.

Thanks for there replys, i havnt had much time lately to play around with it so as soon as i do ill see whether i can get it to run nicely :).

Thanks again