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Mick the monotype asked me to post photo of this treadle perforating machine by Phillips son and Entwistle Birminham, one can perforate up to about 28 inches I seem to recall from the dark and dingy barn where it currently is, he would appreciate any more info, we thought it was just suitable for perfing postage stamps, but maybe something else too. Cheers.

image: perfingjpg


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spelling doah …Entwistle, Birmingham

Jonathan, Thank you, Yes, any info would be appreciated, the machine may well prove to be (refurburbished) (a) A nice exhibit in our Newly revamped, Museum, Brighton, U.K. and (b) possibly end up as perfectly usable Artefact for repro, perfed, printed items.
Of course modern finishing house,s can perf with Platen,s and Stripped down Cylinders, utilising expensive cutting/perforating die formes, but to perf. large sheets, akin to blocks af Postage Stamps, perfed, Landscape & Portrait, @ Hundreds Up per sheet, would by now, possibly, be a “Bridge to Far” still a doddle, for a working Pin perforator, that size and capacity
Perhaps modern purpose built M/c,s can, perf that size.? but the modern syndrome seems to be, >Can not afford that outlay for the odd one Off.< Thanks again, Mick.

Although I’m familiar with the names of perforator manufacturers on this side of the pond—Rosback, Latham, Franklin, etc.—I can’t recall ever seeing the Phillips Son & Entwisle branding before. Very interesting piece!

Here in the United States, it’s not unusual for an antique Rosback in working condition to go for around US$500 if it’s located in or near a large city. There seem to be far fewer of those machines that come on the market than there are artistamp producers and local post hobbyists (such as myself) who would like to buy one.

Although not the maker you are after, found these in an old Harrild and Sons book which shows how these machines may be used.

image: SAM_0126.JPG


image: SAM_0128.JPG


image: SAM_0127.JPG


Philatalist, thank you, a good start for my info requests, I know of 2 bench mounted machines, both heavy, both would perf 10 -12” sheets but probably only single sheet at a time. They are, at present gathering mostly dust, I could make diplomatic enquiries, re purchase, but to ship to the States would presumably be prohibitive,
Given a request I could try to negotiate.

John and Liz Sones, Thank you both also.
It is at present, still buried deep in the barn, but getting closer to escape.
Missing its front and rear extension tables, probably in Mahogany, originally to support fairly large sheets, for perfing front to back.
Not a problem in itself, it is destined for the newly revamped Museum in Brighton. I hopefully get to recommission it mechanically, the resident Chippie will make new feed support tables.
Peering at it in the gloom of the Barn it looks very similar to your 0126 treadle M/c, which may indicate a time frame or production period, Thank you Again. Mick