Lower Feed Table

Hey There,

I am going to build my own lower feed table as the press i’m rebuilding was sold to me without one. No biggy - the seller has been extremely helpful but unfortunately doesn’t have that part. Can anyone with a C&P 8x12 provide me with the measurements for the lower feed table??

That would be really helpful. If anyone has built one - any advice or tips would be really handy.

I am fortunate to have the upper feed table already.

Thanks in advance.

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On my OS press: 17.5 x 11.5 x 0.75 with the two front corners rounded about 1.25” (or as same one put it just about the size of a soup can) The backboard is about 3/8” thick and 2.0 x 17.5”.

On my press the board is not original, but the backboard is.

I used polyurethane to finish the wood. Ideally the wood would be some sort of hardwood (maple is the original, I think) but I used a slab of pine. Works fine and has lasted almost 20 years without significant wear or damage.

And I think that is called the delivery board. Could be wrong, though.