10”X15” Kluge Letterpress & Feeder w/ new rollers & trucks

DON’T DELAY: I will be donating this for a tax credit if I do not sell it before October 2014.

This is a 1940s era 10”X15” Kluge Letter Press with original Kluge Automatic Feeder. This press is fulling functioning and runs excellently. It includes 6-new rubber rollers with new trucks and bearings. It also includes the original manual and one chase. She’s solid and there are no cracks in the cast iron. Electric motor with 220 plug. This is a plug-in and print-ready press.

Pick up only in Eugene, OR. This press is about 3000 lbs. It is set up on 4x4’s for the time being and a pallet jack can fit under it.

$1800. Cash Only.

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