Hacker #4

I just purchased (rescued) a Hacker #4 in Dallas, Texas. I wanted to introduce myself and see if there is anyone printing on the same type press or a Potter.

I know that parts are few and far between.

Any help would be beneficial at this point.

Thanks for your time, effort and consideration.

John B. Davenport

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I can help you with printing and set up of your new press.

Inky Lips press
[email protected]

Hi John,

I am printing on a complete Potter No. 3 that can be seen here: http://www.perennialdesigns.net/?page_id=2009

Not sure what help you may be looking for, but, I am available for questions.


Thanks Casey,

I will try to set something up with you offline. I will probably be ready in about two weeks.

Thanks John,

The restoration that you did is absolutely incredible. I was wondering if you know what the original color of the Hacker 4 might have been. The catalogues that I have seen show a light greyish color. The Hacker is currently painted black which is not the original color.

I’m just getting started - I will have the press delivered next week and then I can make a more accurate assessment of wants vs needs.

Not sure of the original color of these presses, but I have seen John’s press, and the color he used is stunning. A rich mixture of greys and greens and blues adding up to a really amazing finish.

I have seen the pics - a true craftsman.