Hi, I’m Kel & I’m here to help!

Quick intro. My name is Kel and I’m a litho printer by trade.
Been in the industry here in Sydney Australia all of my life and in the latter years with trade suppliers.
I’ve watched the industry slowly kill itself which is really sad, compared to what it once was.
That said, I REALLY dig that you guys are keeping the “true” trade alive and are enjoying doing it.
I have met a few of you in passing and I’ve always loved seeing your work. I’ve also always wanted to be able to help where I could.
I have an opportunity to now!!
I work for the major supplier of Magnesium & Photo polymer plates in Australia and am here to say I will do whatever you need to help you with supplies. Let me know how I can be of service guys and girls!!

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Seems like old habits die hard.

Ink in the blood courtneydoyle!!

BlueBeri, I have replied to your PM via email.
We can supply you photo-polymer plates and would be happy to if we can help. Have you considered making the plates in-house? They are water washout and im sure the gang here can guide you through the imaging etc.