Oiling and cleaning a small press in a small space

I am the proud new owner of a kelsey model x. What is the best way to oil a small press? and what brand of oil is best? Also what brand of cleaning solution is best? I am a hobbist printer with limited space. So I am trying to stay away from the huge gallon containers of oils and cleaners if possible.

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I like to use a 30 wt non detergent oil, you can get it in quarts at the local hardware store, Coleman fuel is great for washing the press.

Coleman fuel is indeed a decent cleaning solvent… as is odorless mineral spirits.

For oil, I use good old “3-in-1” oil from the hardware store. It does a great job lubricating, PLUS it has a nice nostalgic smell to it….. sort of like old sewing machines, or maybe a burned-up old fan motor.

A little bit every time you use it. That way you will learn all the pieces and what they do. With my Adana its just a few minutes ( a rag too, to wipe excess) but with a C&P or a Heidelberg Platen about half an hour oiling and wiping, and cleaning. Personally I’m slack about cleaning the oil off the drip pan. But I do get around to it. If a sheet misfeeds it heads towards the nearest oil pool! Oil can be normal motor grade or can be 30 grade or sewing machine or fine gun oil! But oil and dont skip it.

Thanks! so helpful!

All good info here. Just emphasizing on the oiling……oil is cheap, press parts and repairs are not! We oil presses every day as needed……my guy is a little over zealous with the trigger on the oil can though!

Reminds me that when we are slow we need to clean our oil pans out! :0)

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