Now Dale Guild appears to cast no more - and by the look of things is enjoying a world tour - can anyone recommend an alternative source of harder-metal, larger-than-composition-size ornaments?

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Try Swamp Press, also you have Quaker City Type, he casts monotype.

etinink, Skyline type foundry is a good source best james

Sky Shipley has a large selection of Monotype mats for borders and ornaments. He has cast only a small percentage of what he owns. M&H Type in San Francisco has a large showing that they keep in stock. I don’t know how they are doing alining their borders, but they have really fallen in quality on their types.


As ever, thanks folks for your recommendations.
(Scary there are so few doing this these days).


You might also contact Dave Churchman at Sterling Type Foundry in Indianapolis.

Michael and Winifred Bixler have an amazing collection of English Monotype Mats. Having done some casting there recently, I was amazed at what it there that is not even documented. http://www.mwbixler.com/bordersornams.html