Heidelberg Foil Attachment

Hey Folks,

First time posting to the boards, looking for some advice on adding a Heidelberg Red Ball with Foil Attachment to our shop.

We currently run a ‘56 Heidelberg Black Ball and have a opportunity to pick up a Red Ball so that we have a stand alone machine with foil capabilities. The press we are checking out is cross-country and we are comfortable with the mechanics of the press itself but looking for some advice on scoping out the foil unit.

What questions to ask? What to look out for?
I’ve been looking online quite a bit but thought I’d reach out to the pro’s.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Yeah- Ask them if the foil pulling unit functions correctly, wether it is side or vertical draw, and whether it comes with a heated base/chase or not.

You’ll be needing some other tools as well, like a foil cutter etc etc. See if they are unloading foil entirely and if they can unload any of that to you.

I bought a 10x15 Hberg specifically for the foil unit that was attached to the press and although the press was only an hour away I was unable to see the press operate….more specifically the foil unit as it was already disconnected skidded and wrapped for shipping after winning on ebay.

I knew how to operate the press as you do but the foil was a mystery and thought I could figure it out.

I was able to somewhat…..but the foil pulling unit seems sporadic and it has been mickey moused over the years so I have no idea just how to fix……especially not knowing who made this foil unit it (no name or markings whatsoever) and no directions to go by!

I would be concerned about the operation of the foil draw more than anything unless you get operating directions/instructions with it.

I am starting to wish I put my money toward a Tempress unit right now…..live and learn! :0)