Gutenberg’s Apprentice- A Novel

I just finished reading a novel by Alix Chritie called Gutenberg’s Apprentice. It is a fictionalized telling of the story of Gutenberg creating his first bibles. It was a little slow getting started since it is written in the style of 15th century Germany. Once I got about 100 pages in it began to pick up pace. Here is a link to the Amazon site for the book, (although I’d recommend you support your local book store, if you still have one)

At the end of the book the profile below gave me a greater appreciation for the author. Here is why:

Alix Christie grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and is an author, journalist and letterpress printer. She learned the craft of letterpress printing as an apprentice to two master California printers, and owns and operates a 1910 Chandler & Price letterpress. A longtime print journalist, Christie has contributed to many publications, including the San Francisco Chronicle, Guardian of London, Washington Post, and She attended the Squaw Valley Community of Writers and earned her MFA from St Mary’s College of California, where she studied under Michael Chabon and Susan Straight. She currently lives in London, where she reviews books and arts for The Economist.

For more on Alix Christie and the world of the book, visit:

You may enjoy the book.

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I just finished it as well and I liked the tale, but would have liked more character development and more information about each character as well. For those interested, there’s a Kindle single on Gutenberg that discusses his philosophy of business/discovery ala Steve Jobs. Very interesting comparison.Neil