Real Transparent Base Rubber based ink

Does anyone know of a supplier who still carries the rubber based transparent base (not the white one, but the truly transparent one)?
All the suppliers I have been looking back at are only carrying the white transparent.

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Gans and Vanson both have transparent bases that are ‘mixing white’- they appear yellowish in the can and in thick amounts you would use for mixing, for example, but not once they’re drawn down or printed if that is what you mean.

Actually I’m looking for the one that looks like honey. I know that’s not much of a technical expression, but it’s the best description I can come up with to contrast the white base transparent and the other transparent base.
I looked at VanSon and was disappointed that they are only going with the Pantones. I really like to play with the transparency using this method.
Thanks for your reply. I appreciate it truly. Let me know if you hear of any other ink makers out there that could have this product.
Happy New Year :-)

SAFRIEDMAN, Varnish looks like honey. Trans white rubber or oil base looks like spun honey. None of them taste like honey, best james

SAFRIEDMAN, I actually think you are looking possibly for Litho Varnish. It’s a linseed oil base usually. They’re described in numbers (000,00,0,1,2,3,4,5) and each number describes a different viscosity/tack. The higher the number, the thicker the varnish will be. Then there’s also body gum, which is really really thick and sold in a can.

Additionally, there’s a medium called “Bind and dry” which is a varnish that has been treated with chemicals that cause the ink to tack up and stiffen when it is added, but mixes pretty easily into the ink itself as it’s supplied in a somewhat loose consistency. This is made by Hanco? I think.


I explain all this because I’ve never heard of a rubber base that actually looks like honey as you’re describing, but if someone else knows of it I’d be interested to see it. All the rubber base stuff I’ve seen looks like strained puke or creamed honey or jello with whipped cream beaten into it.

I purchased a can of this years ago from Xpedx. I don’t know if they still carry it or not. You can check with them.

If you’re still looking for the “clear amber” colored Mixing White and don’t need a whole lot of it, I do have it available in “quarter pound” tubes (actually about 5 oz.), in both rubber base and oil base, along with a couple hundred other colors (mostly oil base). If anyone would like my Ink in Tubes 2015 color list, e-mail me (

Thanks! Dave (the Ink in Tubes guy)