Question concerning Kelsey Excelsior

Well I have played with the press and well here goes…I recently purchased a Kelsey Excelsior (6x10). It was in quite bad shape so I removed all rust and gave it two coats of Rustoleum paint. Everything is OK except I noticed that my platen does not connect with the chase bed properly. In other words the gap on either side of the press is not even and consequently the printing is not even as well even if I adjust using the impression screws. Is there somebody in the Montreal or surrounding area that can look and repair my press. I am even willing to travel to Toronto or the surrounding areas there just so I can have full use of my new baby! Sorry if I am not perfectly clear as I am a total newbie!

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Thank you so much Dick for your reply. I am going to try out your suggestion and let you know what happens. Then we can proceed with the more complex solutions such as giving the press a good look over. Thanks a million!