Miniature books from The Scott Free Press

Duane Scott, proprietor of the Scott Free Press, my father, left me the remainder of his unsold miniature letterpress books to sell. Each of his six miniature books is a work of fine printing, and each is printed in two colors with perfect registration.

Self-taught, my dad hand-set each miniature book, printed on a hand-fed press, in two colors, registered and perfect-bound. Every copy was printed on a job press and hand fed. Clearly this was a time-consuming job, and a labor of love.

Dad did his own binding, and stamped titles on the covers and spines of each book. All are printed on acid-free paper. Only one copy each remains of the books which he bound, although I have a number left of most of the miniature books which have been sewn, perfect-bound, which are unbound with covers and end-plates available at a $10 discount. Please enquire if interested. Bound editions include his last book:

Mark Twain’s First Short Story, “The Dandy Fighting the Squatter,” c. 2005, 25 pages, illustrated, printed with two colors on acid free paper, with illustrated end papers, between boards; an edition of 250, numbered and signed by Duane C. Scott

“The Bobtail Streetcar,” the true story of the futile correspondence between the author and the USPS and his unsuccessful campaign to correct a mistaken identification of a USPS stamp, complete with a copy of the erroneous stamp, 44 pages with two illustrations, in addition to illustrated end-plates, between boards. Edition of 175, numbered and signed by Duane C. Scott, 1986.

“Uncle Remus Stories,” including three of Joel Chandler Harris’s delightful stories, 32 pages, illustrated, in two colors, between boards, edition of 250, numbered and signed by the publisher, 1983.

“Nora Awakened,” 1984, a chapter from Ibsen’s A Doll’s House, illustrated, 44 pages, between boards, about 100 printed on hand-made paper from the Scott Free Press from 100 percent cotton rag, and another 150 printed on acid-free paper. All numbered and signed by Duane Scott.

“Oriental Sayings,” an exercise in using small types, 1987, 23 different types used from 6 to 12 point, perfect bound, covers are handmade denim paper produced at the Scott Free Press, 31 pages, illustrated end plates in chinese characters, reportedly the kanji equivalent of the Scott Free Press. edition of 250.

His first miniature book, “How I Edited an Agricultural Paper,” a short story by Mark Twain, illustrated, 1982, 33 pages, as it happens, is still available. I found a copy I didn’t know I had. This is my favorite of his miniature books, because it is an hilarious story. I challenge anyone to read it without laughing out loud.

All hard-cover books remaining are $39 plus $3.30 shipping, (this covers USPS postage for mailing first class with tracking; I don’t charge for materials or handling. “Oriental Sayings” is $25, plus $3.30 shipping. I have one remaining copy of “A Doll’s House” in hand-made folio paper, priced at $59, plus shipping, and one copy on acid free paper, not handmade, at $39.

This is the last chance to buy these books bound by Duane Scott—I have only one copy of each of the bound miniature books for sale.

Multiple copies can be combined to reduce shipping costs. International buyers, please enquire regarding the price of shipping, which will be by USPS at cost.

Satisfaction guaranteed. All items as advertised and may be returned for a refund of cost, but not shipping, if not found to be as described.

Miniature books by definition are 3X3 inches or less; all are smaller than that; the largest is 2 1/2” x 2 5/8” the smallest 2 1/2 X 2 1/8” approximately.

Overseas payment by PayPal ; within the US, payment by check or cashier’s check, please.

Briar Press limits photos—more photos of any of the books are available on request, or may be seen on eBay, where I also have the books listed, starting at $39, in most cases. Buying through Briar Press, you get the $39.00 price, and don’t have to compete for the books. There are many more photos on eBay which may be of interest, however.

Thank you, Rachel Scott, Fox Paw Press

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