Advise: flatbed proof/poster press

I’ve been out of the game for some time (used to print on a Vandercook at VCU) and am looking at getting back in. I’ve a ton of type, furniture, etc. but need to invest again in a press. With a 7yr old – and based on my interests – I’m looking at flatbed presses and rather large print areas.

Here’s my question. Vandercooks are obviously hard to find now (although it anyone has one for sale…) but what about the poster / proof presses? Showcard or Vandercook #0? There are a few out and about and I’ve the funds to invest.

thanks in advance,


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Very pleased with my recent acquisition of a Challenge 15KA. A hand inker with a max sheet size of 15x24. 3 to 5000……

J- I have a Showcard….. and it prints great. Sign presses are not fast, but if you are careful with you hand-inking, they can do some nice work. If you are going to get one, try to get a press that has built-in grippers. That will make 2-color work a lot simpler.