C & P Pilot New Style

I recently acquired a press and I’m not sure if I got a good deal or not. I’m hoping that I haven’t sunk too much money into it. I was wondering what my whole setup would be worth if I decided to sell. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

I have a C & P Pilot in great working condition that sits on top of a little old Hamilton table.

2 Chases
2 brand new rollers and trucks
brand new grippers
4 Old Hempel Quoins + Quoin Key
2 3” Challenge High Speed Quoins + Quoin Key
Over 200 pieces of Furniture and Reglets
3 Megills Gauge Pins
Falstrom Roller and Platen Gauge
4 Brand New Replacement Trucks
1 Line Gauge
2 Original Rollers + Trucks (poor condition)
9 Cuts ranging from 4” x 7 down to 1 x 1”

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Check past ads on Briar press for value. Here is one current link that looks close to what you have