Challenge Gordon Press throw off lever issues

I am still having terrible problems with the throw off lever for my Challenge Gordon 8x12 press. I do not think the person who had the press before me had this piece installed correctly. We have tried several different configurations, but we still are on impression for every turn of the wheel.

I print on this press all the time with wonderful results. I would like it to work properly however. Does anyone out there have a Challenge Gordon 8x12 in your shop, and if so, could you email me photos of the lower linkage connection of the throw off lever to your press? I would be most appreciative.
Thank you
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WELL WELL Last night after I posted this I checked out my earlier images of the press before we disassembled it, and what it looked like last night. I discovered that when we assembled the throw off lever linkage at the bottom, we did not connect it correctly to the press.

I disconnected the cotter pins, reconnected the base of the throw off lever to the press properly, reconnected the cotter pins, and IT WORKS PERFECTLY.

I can now run the press in TRIP and also IMPRESSION.

My father, the typewriter mechanic, would be so proud of me. I am still a little stunned.


Thank you for telling of your success. We like to hear happy endings. We could almost see your smile. We are proud of you.
Now get some ink on your shirt.

Thanks so much! Attached is the photo of the reconnection. A friend here has also milled roller trucks for me as I only had two sets. The third set was made from one of the first set, so now I can run my three rollers. This press runs perfectly and I plan to be printing next week! I am still in the midst of my shop re-set-and must finish before I print! Thanks for the encouragement!

image: Nancy-CG-press2.jpg


Here is the connection!

image: throw-off2.jpg


Here is the connection!