Fritz, this one is dedicated to you… Others can watch too!

Kind Mr. Klinke,,

For your consideration, I have done a do-over of my previous roller box attempt. This time I create twice as many boxes with twice as many screw-ups, but thanks to the power of editing, the number of mistakes have been reduced to almost 0.

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Cool cat
Oh yeah, nice box too!

Well, I’m speechless. I’ve never had a video dedicated to me before. Those rollers look sort of virgin like—are they going to be used at some point? Do the boxes get a finish, like a stain or paint? I would vote for an oil based stain that would be compatible with printing ink, so that by the time you’ve used these for a few years they will have a nice antique look to them. These boxes were used in previous eras for shipping rollers back and forth to the roller maker and they would acquire a patch work of labels and stickers, some that might say “Keep away from Steam Pipes” etc. Now on to the next project—type cases maybe?



I’m working on another video, part two of wiring up the press, this time, actually installing the motor on the press, and properly wiring everything together. Finding the @#$% flat belt for my press that my garage has sneakily absorbed might be another entire series of videos.

I’m using this whole “make a video of it” thing as a way to motivate me to complete things in a timely manner. I’m trying to post a new video every Wednesday, which means I need to be actually getting things done on a relatively frequent basis.

I’m hoping to start getting ink all over the place once the weather starts to warm up. My printing space isn’t heated right now, but because most of the building is below grade the temperature in there stays very constant, so corrosion hasn’t been much of a problem.

The two recent boxes are actually of no use to me, my press needs four rollers, so I’m going to be finding a new home for them soon. For my own box, I might give it a splash of boiled linseed oil, but (I confess) mainly because I love the smell of the stuff.

There must be a difference between Narcissus’ reflective pool and youtube, but apart from the electronic component I really cannot see such. :o)


Jolly as usual, I see.

The only one looking in the reflecting pool was Narcissus.