More moving picture madness

For anybody watching me blunder through bringing my C&P 10x15 Craftsman online, I’ve just posted part two of the video series. I’m starting to actually plumb in the wiring in a semi-permanent fashion. This video ran a little bit longer than I wanted, I need to work on editing what comes out of my mouth, ‘cause it’s a bit more difficult once I’ve reached the editing stage!

Any, here’s the link for those that are interested.

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I recall that this type of speed control originally was mounted as a pedestal type of control mounted on a pipe stand and usually placed at the right front corner of the press, handy to the operator. That would seem to be more convenient than being mounted on the wall.

Aesthetically, I think you would be ahead of the game to get a coat of paint on those block walls. Spending a lot of time in dingy, rough surroundings can’t be too inspiring. An alternative would be to fir out the walls, add insulation, and then drywall to provide for a warmer and cleaner surrounding. I see a lot of commercial shops in unfinished surroundings and I’m sure the employees look forward to another day spent in unpleasant quarters. I know it’s “just a job” but maybe that explains some of the turnover when people get tired of working in poor conditions.


In my first video, a flange for pipe-mounting makes a brief appearance. I started down that road, but given my limited space, moving it up the wall seemed to make sense in terms of space. Once I’ve settled into the space, I might dig the flange back out.

The walls. I hate them too. I want to paint them or insulate them too. Up until recently, they were covered with masonite over 1x4 strapping. My garage is mostly under ground, so water infiltration is something I worried about from day one. There was some water damage at the bottom of the masonite that I was concerned about, but in the first year in that space, I didn’t see any water. I pulled those false walls down a year ago, and I am now coming close to a year with the bare blocks.

This spring (or whatever this season is right now) I can see water infiltrating through the blocks — it’s even visible a bit on the video. Until I take care of that problem, I don’t really want to paint or finish the walls. I’m thinking about renting an excavator and digging up the back wall of my garage for some repairs (the thick dimpled PE membrane stuff). The ground slopes towards my garage from the hill behind my house, and there’s no way to contour the ground to make it slope away.

I have a limited tolerance for straight white walls too, though. My eyeballs contain an annoyingly thick soup of floaters, and white walls drive me nuts because they draw attention to the crap inside my eyes. I like a bright work space, so I’m a bit torn.