Gripper not releasing paper

Hey guys,

Ive been mainly die cutting for the pass few months on my 13 x 18 Heidelberg Windmill. Been able to get die cutting sorted and i can use conventional registration without registry problems so my grippers are parallel. I am starting letterpress now and want to start using the guides but i found that the gripper seems to go “behind” the platen so the paper doesn’t drop down into the guides. Is bending the gripper up slightly possible or can it damage the bars ?


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Grippers can be bent with care, or so I’ve heard. I’d be very concerned about cracking the head casting where the gripper connects.

Please post a picture. I’m having a hard time imagining how the gripper can get behind the plane of the platen without scraping the tympan off. A video of the press advancing by hand showing the paper drop would be even better.

in heidelberg 10x15 both grippers should have a light of 16mm when the grippers are wide open this regulation is done with the o shaped screw the deeper it gets the more it opens, hope it helps.

hey guys, i have run the press by hand with no tympan on the platen and the grippers seem pretty parallel to the platen surface and have a couple of mm space…I will look for that screw and see what happens. Thanks for the advice :)