C&P Restoration

I have ahad a 8x12 C&P oldstyle for a couple years now in my father in laws basement. When i first got it it was covered in grease to protect it because it was sitting inside. I cleaned it up the best i could and revealed some of the old pinstripping and paint. I will be moving soon and most likely moving the press to our new home… right down the street :) haha…. in order to do this it will ned to be fully disassembled (i have done this once already) and thought it would be a good time to “restore” it back to its natural beauty with a fresh paint job and pinstripping to give it a “fresh” start in its new home. If anyone has any pointers the best way to go about this it would be much appreciated! andy photos of one restored would be great also for reference!


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I am finishing up on one just like this. Let me know if I can help. It was my first restoration project, but glad to help if I can.

https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157649265854134/

Wow that looks amazing! Did you strip the old paint off down to the bare metal or just clean it and paint over it? What what did you use on gears and arms? polish? Also did you just with an oil based paint or anything specific?

I sandblasted it to bare metal and used oil based enamel paint. Black for the body and clear for the gears and arms. I used some johnsons SC wax on the bed an platen. I decided not to pain the pin striping back on but may in the future. There are a few restorations out there that show the pin striping.

Awesome Photos! Thanks!

I hope to finish my C&P this spring.

FYI: Purple Cleaner from the auto parts store works great for removing gunk. But it also can take off some paint.

About how long after disassembly did it take you to sandblast/paint. Also what material did you blast it with? I’ve never done it before but I see you can use different substances to do it.


I worked on it over a 4 month period. Mainly on weekends. After disassembly, I would sandblast a few parts and paint them the same day. I used a $50.00 sand blaster from Sears. But I went through 5-6 nozzle inserts. I know it took me a bit longer than a more professional sandblaster, but it worked for me. I used the Play Sand from Lowes. $4 dollars a bag. I used around 20 bags, but mine was really dirty/greasy. I tried to scrape what I could but on the cast parts like the frame they were too rough to scrape so I had to blast them forever to get it all done. The feed boards were cut from an oak tree that we salvaged from Hurricane Ivan and cut in our saw mill.