Rosback Table Top Perforator 12”

I am selling an Antique Rosback Pinhole Perforator 12” bed- Probably from the mid 50’s - even the guy from Rosback wasn’t sure the year it was made. It has new pins from Rosback ( they still make pins for it) and it is in great shape. For making faux postage stamps or for binding when you need a beautiful perfect line of perforation. It has 12 inches of pins that punch a perfect line of tiny holes - I also have a bunch of gummed paper in gloss and matt that I will throw in. Asking $500. Will consider any reasonable offer. Ships via UPS - shipping $ TBD by location.

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image: perforator.jpg


image: 12 Inch Hand Perforator.jpg

12 Inch Hand Perforator.jpg